We specialize in creating customized meat and savory flavors

Our dedication to meat and savory flavors and our focus on continually providing the upper limits of taste design through imagination , backed by the finest quality and service, has earned us a reputation as the definitive leader in meat and savory flavor technology.

As a result, our customized creations are responsible for the bold and memorable flavors that make taste buds smile!

MEET MHA biotech

Our people set MHA biotech apart.

Throughout the company, the MHA Biotech team is committed to developing the highest-impact, best-tasting meat and savory
flavors—delivered with unsurpassed speed, service and commitment to your success.

MHA Biotech experienced flavor chemists and food scientists draw from their many years of industry experience to bring you the precise meat, savory and culinary flavor solutions you want—every time, on time.

Our research and analytical scientists, regulatory experts, manufacturing team, sales and marketing management continuously care about your success and repeatedly exceed your expectations.

Our Strategic Business Directors are here to assist you in your product development and business goals. Their goal is to assure superior service and expertise to maximize your success with each new product development.

People eat food. But they savor flavor.

MHA Biotech meat and savory flavors, enhancers, and taste modifiers including vegan and clean label flavors are your creative flavor solutions for a variety of applications. We provide taste solutions for many different product categories including soups, sauces, gravies, seasoning blends, bases, snacks, marinades, rice, pasta and noodles, frozen meals, canned foods, plant-based foods, meat substitutes, and meat products.

We understand both the art and science of creating unique, customized products. Our team will customize each flavor to suit your taste expectations, formulation needs, label and dietary requirements (Kosher, Halal, Non GMO, etc.). Flavors can be created in a variety of forms—liquid, dry or paste—depending on what is most process-friendly for you.

Likewise, our in-house manufacturing flexibility enables MHA Biotech to use the most sophisticated tools and processes to deliver tailored options that meet our customers’ needs. Our exceptional solutions combine technical expertise with the insights of experienced marketing, customer service and technology professionals.

We understand the need for flexibility when it comes to your flavor partner. We offer lower MOQ’s and fast turnaround on samples and projects.


The Flavoring Checklist for Plant-Based Foods

Get instant plant-based flavoring recommendations based on your answers. 

Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory

MHA Biotech Flavors adheres to stringent food safety guidelines and has received the BRCGS certification grade AA. Additionally, our flavors can be certified either FDA or USDA.
Our highly responsive regulatory team is always ready to help and provide quick response on regulatory documentation. 


We recognize the importance to take environmental action to responsibly care for the planet. At MHA Biotech, we have implemented programs to minimize and eliminate manufacturing process waste material being disposed of via landfill or treatment sites.
  • Farms – we send a byproduct of HVP to farms to be turned into fertilizers or electricity
  • Recycling – all waste that is collected is separated and all recyclables are recycled
  • Incinerator – any waste that cannot be sent to the farm or recycled is sent to an incinerator

Community Involvement

To give back and participate in the communities that we operate, MHA Biotech  Flavors supports the following organizations: The Dovetail Project, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Post Ministries, Our Lady of Good Counsel and Blessed Sacrament, Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council, People’s Resource Center, Feed My Starving Children, Ronald McDonald House.

Celebrate Life Enjoy Food. Experience MHA Biotech.

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